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MealBox #10

VACUM Ribeye Steak

Uncooked RM110 (250gr) & RM210 (500gr)


We wanted to do something special for MealBox #10 and we couldn’t think of anything better than the perfect steak! VACUM carefully selects premium Spanish breeds, aged with not just precise temperature and humidity control, but countless small details that ensure the utmost flavour and optimal texture of the meat. 

More details about VACUM: 

1) Make sure steak is at room temperature, season with salt, pepper and olive oil.
2) In a high heat pan, drizzle some oil and sear steak, flip it every 6 seconds till steak is evenly brown and desired doneness is achieved.
3) Let it rest for at least 4mins, carve and serve.

Comes with with a choice of sauce:
Bone Marrow Jus / Chimichurri / Peri peri


Add ons:
Pan Con Tomate with Cecina  (RM 32)

Cheese Plate (Brie / Manchego / Parmesan)  (RM 38)


V de Vargas Crianza 2015
Tempranillo - Rioja, Spain
RM 138 (NP: RM 178)

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