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MealBox #2

Pan Seared Snapper Nicoise Salad

(Uncooked RM38)


1. In a jar, add all the ingredients, cover the lid and give it a good shake till emulsified. 
2. Season with salt, pepper & sugar to taste

Salad & Snapper:
1. Halve Cherry Tomatoes, quarter the hard boiled eggs, remove the ends of the French beans and cut it on a bias
2. Score the fish on the skin side, season the flesh side with salt and pepper. 
3. On a medium high heat pan, drizzle olive oil, sauté French beans, season with salt and cook till tender, set aside. 
4. On a high heat pan, drizzle some oil in a pan, pat dry fish on skin side with a paper towel and place fish skin side down on the pan. 
5. Immediately lower down the heat, then use a flat metal tray to press the fish down so it stays flat and the skin gets crispy. 
6. Continue cooking the fish on medium low heat for 3-4 mins, then flip the fish and cook for about 1 more minute. Once cooked, set aside. 
7. In a mixing bowl, add cherry tomatoes, olives, romaine lettuce, boiled potatoes, red onions, cooked French beans and toss with dressing
8. To plate, put salad on plate, topped with the hard boiled eggs and anchovy filets. Place the pan seared snapper beside salad, and drizzle with a bit more dressing


Snapper 1 fillet
Cherry Tomato 50gm
Anchovies Fillet in oil 13gm
Pitted Olives 10gm
Romaine Lettuce 50gm
Hard Boiled Egg 1nos
Boiled Potatoes 100gm
Sliced Red Onion 10gm
French Beans 80gm

Anchovy Paste 5gm
Garlic Paste 5gm
Japanese Vinegar 50gm
Chopped Dill 6gm
Sunflower Oil 150gm
Grainy Mustard 25gm

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