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MealBox #5

Pan Seared Duck Breast with orange and glazed carrots

(Uncooked RM35)


Brined duck breast -1nos

Baby carrots -80g

Rosemary -1sprig

Orange concentrate -30g

Orange segment -1nos

Orange zest -1/2nos

Butter -70g

Garlic paste -5g

Chopped onion -8g

Thyme -1sprig

Garlic cloves -2nos


Herbs for garnish:

Wild rocket -5pc

Coriander leaves -5pc

Nasturtiums -5nos


1. In a medium/high heat pan, drizzle some oil and place the duck breast skin side down. 

2. Sear till it’s golden brown, flip the duck, add a knob of butter, garlic clove and sprig of thyme, start basting the duck till desired fineness is achieved. Set aside and rest. 

3. In another medium high heat pan add a drizzle of oil, add carrots, toss and season with salt and pepper, add another knob of butter and the sprig of rosemary, toss and glaze them, once carrots are glazed and lightly caramelised, set aside. 

4. In the same pan add garlic paste, chopped onion and sweat with no colour, add orange concentrate and a splash of water (roughly 100-150m), add butter and reduce to sauce consistency, season with salt and pepper, turn off heat, then add in orange segments and zest. 

5. Time to plate, slice duck on a bias and place it on a plate, place carrots on the side, and top carrots with sauce, finally top it with the herbs for garnish.

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