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MealBox #7

Soy braised chicken with flash pickled cucumbers on rice.

(Uncooked RM20)


1. In a medium high heat pot,put in dry spices and toast till fragrant, drizzle some oil in, then add in sliced ginger, chopped spring onion, crushed garlic cloves and fry till lightly brown. Lower fire, then add in brown sugar and stir, once sugar is dissolved, add in chicken, followed by the seasonings ( light soy, dark soy and oyster sauce), and the water. Let it simmer for approx 15-20 minutes with the lid on, turning the chicken every now and then for even cooking.

2. While waiting for the chicken to cook, place sliced cucumber, garlic paste, sliced chilli and gastric liquid into a bowl and toss, season with salt to taste, set aside. 
3. Once chicken is cooked, strain out chicken, aromats and spices, set chicken aside and discard aromats and spices. Place strained sauce in another pot and heat it on medium to reduce till syrupy and sticky consistency . 
4. Time to plate, heat up rice in a microwave or steamer, place chicken on top of rice and pour as much sauce as you like over chicken, strain out flash pickled cucumber from excess liquid and place beside the chicken.


Cooked rice -170g
Chicken leg -1nos
Water -400ml
Spring onion -2sprig
Ginger -40g
Garlic -10cloves
Brown sugar -35g
Dried chilli -2nos

Clove -4nos

Cinnamon -1stick

Star anise -5nos

Dark soy -60g

Light soy -25g

Oyster sauce -25g


Flash pickled cucumber: 
cucumber.   -80g 
Gastric liquid -40g
Garlic paste.   -5g
Deseeded slice chilli -5g
A pinch of salt

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