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MealBox #8

Tokyo Tacos

(Uncooked RM23)


1. In a bowl, add shoyu, mirin and miso stir till well combined. Brush tilapia fillet with this marinade, reserve excess marinade and set a side.

2. In a bowl, mix honey and grated ginger, mix well and set aside.

3. In bowl add in kewpie Mayo, togarashi, and orange zest, mix well and set aside.

4. In a medium heat pan, toast the flour tortillas, flip it regularly for even cooking, till tortillas are lightly toasted but still soft, set aside.

5. In the same pan, drizzle some oil and sear marinated tilapia fillet, once it has a light char(approx 1-2mins depending on heat of pan), flip it and brush with reserved marinade. Once other side of fish is lightly charred as well, flip it once more and again brush with marinade, once fish is cooked, set it aside.

6. Time to assemble and plate, place a dollop of togarashi Mayo on the side of each tortilla, cut the fish in half, and place each half on top of the togarashi Mayo, brush fish with honey ginger glaze, and then sprinkle furikake on top, top it up with the cucumber and radish. Toss all fresh herbs(wood sorrel, red vein sorrel, nasturtium, rocket and chives) together and top it over the radishes and cucumber. Place both tacos on the plate and serve with lime wedge.


Flour tortillas  2nos

Tilapia fillet    1nos

Shoyu     10g

Mirin     10g

Miso     3g

Honey   15g

Grated ginger    1.5g

Kewpie Mayo   35g

Togarashi   2g

Orange zest   1/2nos

Furikake   7g

Shredded cucumber   30g

Sliced radish  8g

Wood sorrel    10nos

Nasturtium    8nos

Rocket     10nos

Red vein sorrel  6nos

Chives     10nos

Lime wedge    1nos

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