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MealBox #9

Sago Gula Melaka

(Uncooked RM12)


Sago     50g
Gula Melaka syrup     40g
Evaporated milk   50g
Kidney beans     30g
Peanuts       15g

Coconut biscuits   20g
Silken tofu     40g
Pandan leaves   2nos
Coconut cream  35g
Salt   2pinch


1. In a pot, put in approximately 1L of water, sago and a pinch of salt. Take 1 pandan leaf, using the back of a knife, bruise the leaf by pounding it, and place it in the pot as well. Bring it up to a boil, and boil it roughly about 10-12 minutes, till sago is soft but still has a bite to it.
2. Once cooked, strain and discard pandan leaf, rinse under running water for 5 seconds to wash of excess starch, and to loosen sago. Place in a bowl, and add coconut cream, season with a pinch of salt and place in fridge to cool and set for about 8-10minutes.
3. Once set and cooled, add toppings - tofu, kidney beans, coconut biscuit and peanuts. Bruise the reserved pandan leaf and garnish on the side of the bowl for fragrance. Finish of with evaporated milk and gula Melaka syrup to your liking.

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